Most companies know that THEY NEED MORE CYBER SECURITY but:

  • Understanding the different cyber security risks is not easy
  • Investing in the right security tools and measures at the right time is a challenge
  • Buying cyber security expertise is costly

We have a solution!

What if...

  • You had access to a clear & up-to-date documentation about cyber risks your company faces
  • You could know which measures to take in order to mitigate these risks
  • You could access to cyber security expertise 24/7 without breaking your budget

It is now possible!

Premium Security Membership

Bitsecurity Strategic Threat Intelligence Membership is there!

We have more than 15 years of expérience in Cyber Security and now open our expertise through our strategic threat intelligence knowledge base.

Become a member and:

  • Access a repository of expert level cyber security reports
  • Knowledge about cyber threats, categorized by industry, technologies,...
  • Actionable recommendations on how-to mitigate and protect your company against these threats
  • Premium expert cyber security articles and news alerts

It is like having a cyber security consultant in your pocket!

All these benefits for only 299$/Mo *

* No strings attached, cancel at any moment.

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