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Our mission is to help companies implement a cyber security practice tailored to their needs and budget.

Cyber security can be costly and maybe you think "My company is too small, we do not have the budget to hire top Security experts, buy expensive tools or trainings". We got you covered! By implementing a cyber security intelligence practice in your business you can tailor your security to your needs. This means that you can define the concrete actions that will leverage your cyber security and tailor your security investments to fit in your budget.

You just need someone to show you how to do it. That's the mission of Bitsecurity!

Our Offer


Cyber Security Coaching

We also provide one-to-one cyber security coaching to help our customer implement top notch cyber security practices in their company. This is especially helpful for Executives and Managers who need support to help them plan, budget and implement their cyber security vision.


Courses & Trainings

We prepare and offer executive grade courses to help organization leaders, business owners and managers better understand their cyber security context so that they can plan, prepare and organize their organization's cyber security operations the best way.

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Threat Intelligence Reports, Studies & Researches

Our reports are tailored to our client's needs and expectations, we also edit industry focused cyber threat intelligence reports to help organizations understand the cyber activity in their industry, adapt and make their defenses more efficient.

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We Serve Clients WorldWide

We are based in Estonia but with some internet magic we can deliver in the entire world. Feel free to contact us from anywhere in the world.

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