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How To Protect Your Business From Hackers?

The course you need to secure your business!
A top cyber security expert explains you how to build a cyber security strategy in your company in a simple and efficient way!

The course will launch soon! Stay Informed!


By implementing the right habits and mindset you can drastically lower the cyber risk for yourself and your company!

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About the instructor

Hello, I'm Luigi and since more than fifteen years I help many Managers and Business Owners to increase their organization's cyber security by implementing cyber security habits, strategies and governance in their day to day activities.

Now I decided to summarize all these experiences into a course that will help you implement the same cyber security strategies tailored to your needs in a simple way.

You will learn

How-To to think "cyber security"

And how to insert this mindset in your company's day to day activities.

How-to secure your data

You will learn why any cyber security strategy needs to focus on data first and how to put the security of your data in the center of your security strategy.

How-to stay resilient

Even with the best security defenses, time will come when your company will face an attack. You will learn to take this factor into account in your cyber security and take the necessary measures now.

How-to design a cyber security strategy for your company

You will implement your cyber security strategy step by step by completing the exercises.

At the end of the course you will have a first version of your cyber security plan ready to be deployed in your company.